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In some situations say during exam results time we need to design pages in such a way that whenver users clicks the HTML marks page for Printing. The controls on the page like textbox and some text must be hide. So use the below code:

Step 1

Insert this code between tags.

p {

a { color:#0f0; }

@media print {
.hideWhilePrinting { display:none; }

Step 2

To hide a text use this:

 <label id=”lblhall” class=”hideWhilePrinting” >Enter Hall Ticket</label>

To hide a Print button use this:

<input class=”hideWhilePrinting” onclick=”javascript:window.print();” type=”button” value=”Print” name=”Submit” />

Just apply the class to the control thats all.

Source: http://www.div-tags.com/demos/css/hide-from-print/