According to Microsoft docs article: Call Child Flows – Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

  • child flow. This is the flow that is nested inside the parent flow and contains the smaller tasks you want to run.
  • parent flow. This flow can have any type of trigger and will call into the child flow.

Go to PowerAutomate page. On left click Solutions.

On the top. click new solution and create a solution with name “My New Solution”.

In the list of solution Click the newly created solution with name “My New Solution”. After entering into the solution on top select the menu item with name “Cloud flow”. Name the flow as “Child flow”.

Save it and now our Child flow is ready. Now we need to create a flow in the same solution and name it as Parent flow. Where we will call Child flow. In the Actions now we can notice Child flow by typing “Child” we can see “Run a child flow”.

Now take the response from child flow using Compose Action.

You can notice like this.

Now Save the flow and Test it. You will see that output will be the response from Child flow.