We all know that Cascading dropdowns are famous in PowerApps. But we got a requirement that to add an extra item “ALL” to second dropdown.

For creating cascading dropdowns in PowerApps you can see my previous posts.

Since here in cascading dropdown i.e. second dropdown items will come by filtering with the first dropdown value.

In Second dropdown Items property.

Filter(Branches, States.Value = Dropdown1.Selected.Result)

Here Branches is a SharePoint List

This filter will generally return us TABLE which is expected by dropdown Items. So now we need to append here.

Since dropdown is expecting a Table type we can make use of collections.

Here my first dropdown will get all items from a SharePoint list called States.

In the OnChange property of first dropdown we can declare a Collection. Collection generally takes records. So we can add here {Title:All}. so it will come as all to come in capitalize I used Proper(“All”) so that it will show as “All”

ClearCollect(CollAll,{Title:Proper(“All”)},Filter(Branches, States.Value = Dropdown1.Selected.Result))

Then now assign our Collection ColAll to items of second dropdown.