• We create one button in Microsoft flow , whenever we click that button , a notification mail will be sent to manager.
  • In order to do this , We must have Power Automate license .


  • Go to Search bar , type work . You will see suggestions . Among those click on “Send a working from home today email to manager”
  • We get a mobile ready Template page, click on “Create Flow” button.
  • We will be re-directed to below page
  • Click on edit option , which is available on top left corner. In that page click on “Send an Email” dialog box and enter subject and body and click Save.
  • Check for errors with flow checker option in top right corner.
  • Go to “MY Flows” tab , If we open “My Flows” in mobile by installing power automate in mobile , We can see a button. By clicking it , the notification will be sent to manager.
  • If we Run this program in Desktop/PC , GoTo “My Flows” , click on Run button –> Continue –> Run flow
  • We can monitor by going to “ Flow Runs Page” .
  • Check the manager outlook mail inbox to know whether the notification sent