When creating multiple contracts, invoices and reports in SharePoint, mostly people need to copy data from one file to another as the content is same. This is a time consuming process. However, you can automate this process and let SharePoint do the work for you. 

In this post, I will introduce SharePoint document creation steps that you can automate.

We will create document automation management for event participation certification.

In order to do this first we need to create the document and add the columns which are dynamic in nature.

Download the document , add the static content and enter the dynamic content property name where you want the data to be reflected automatically.

Save this document as “word Template” and upload it in documents of our sharepoint site.

The dynamic values need to be entered as properties , as their value keeps changing.After downloading the document the values gets inserted in the required fields. Let us look at how it works.

In this example we are creating Event participation Certificate . In which only participant name keeps changing and remaining content is static for every certificate.

Steps :

GoTo site contents->Documents->new word document

Add columns which are dynamic in nature. Here we create a column named ParticipantName which changes for each person.

Download this document , add static content  and document property which is “ParticipantName” where ever required.

Save this word document as “ word Template “ type, as shown below

Upload this word template in our sharepoint site documents folder and provide participant name by going to properties as shown in below screenshots.

Now open the word template in browser or download and we can see that the dynamic field ParticipantName is added automatically.