Let’s see how to split a variable using power automate

Power automate is known as microsoftflow. For that You need to have power automate license

  • Navigate to flow.mircosoft.com
  • left hand side click create select anything here and click skip
  • In search box search recurrence we can see schedule this not necessary but run sometimes we need this.
  • now we can say like ABCD some colors are there we need to separate those color this power automate

Then initialize a variable

Variable Name : colors

Type : string

Value: Give all the colors here like RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE,


Then go to next step

  • After this string variable we will create array variable then initialize variable

Variable Name: myarray

Type: Array

Value: For that we need to separation of colors strings write one expression

Go to the expression and write split(variables(‘colors’), ‘,’)

  • click ok and now we have written expression.
  • go to next step send an Email

Select send email

Sub; Split a variable

Body: R= we need to write expression here

R= variables (‘myarray’)[0]

Y= variables (‘myarray’)[1]

G=variables (‘myarray’)[2]

B=variables (‘myarray’)[3]

  • check whether your expression correct or not
  • Click save
  • whether any errors or not flow checker
  • save it with name and save it
  • now test it
  • perform the trigger action save and test and click run flow and go to flow run page and check whether your status is succeed or not
  • If it is succeeded now go to outlook
  • You can see mail